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For Over a Decade We Have Specialized in

Professional Audio Recording, Mixing, Mastering, & Music Instruction.


our theory...

MTS is a boutique recording studio staffed by highly skilled producers in music engineering and audio production. We believe there is a better way to run a music studio; it begins with a more innovative environment, and a less invasive marketing approach where musicians are earned rather than bought. We are obsessively passionate about exceeding our clients musical goals, and our mission is to deliver the very best service and amenities for today’s signed artists and independent musicians.

In ADDITION to sustainable music recording, we believe passionately in playing your favorite song at high volumes on a daily basis! 

Our MTS Music Production School teaches 

Audio Engineering, Beat Making, & DJing. 

MTS Turntable Institute, is a premiere DJ School that provides

in-depth; curriculum based group & private classes.

We teach principles on mixing / blending, basic fundamentals on song structure, and core concepts on understanding equipment.

Gain knowledge from expert DJs with more than 20 years experience on commercial Radio Stations.

We All Have a Story...Get to Know Ours!

what the REVIEWS say

"MTS can do NO wrong!  ...seriously benefiting and growing from the knowledge they offer. I absolutely adore the staff and our experience! My family and I are and will forever be thankful for MTS!!! Simply THE BEST!!!!"


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Independent, Artist-Supported  Music Studio

In the age of Media Conglomerates and 360 Deals, we’re something of an oddity: Independent, All Genre Artist-Supported Audio Recording Music Studio.

At Music Theory Studios you’ll find  Writers, Authors, Radio DJ’s, Podcast Hosts, & Musicians Creatively Working Together. 

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