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Hi, I’m Jazzarae

I am the Founder & CEO of Music Theory Studios - MTSAcademy, MTS Turntable Institute & 

Sew Inspired Fashion Academy located in Norfolk, Virginia. I teach hungry music artists, musicians, business owners, educators, tech developers, fashion designers and entrepreneurs the necessary steps for building a clear action plan for their, desired goal. Thru a blended learning curriculum I help curate and facilitate amazing in-person & online courses to assist talented individuals in making your

dreams a reality. 



Singers, Voice Over Actors, Choir Directors, & Music Artists 

Find Out How YOU Can Improve YOUR Singing Voice &

Kickstart YOUR Career as a Vocalist…

Sounds Complicated Right?

Hi I’m Jazzarae Jones, Founder & CEO of Music Theory Studios - MTS Academy


Before I tell you how you can refine your talent, polish your singing voice and learn some of the secrets that your favorite singers use to elevate their game… I want to ask you…

How Serious Are YOU About Perfecting Your Singing Ability?

Image by Jason Jarrach

Are YOU a talented Singer but feel like you are just not quite at the level to make it your profession?​

Do people always tell YOU you’re a great singer but you’ve never taken them seriously?

Have YOU always dreamed of having a Singing Career but never taken the first steps in pursuing it?


YOU know that EVERY successful singer

started as a raw talent just like you, right?

Image by Anthony Da Cruz
Image by Jon Tyson

They all needed just a bit of guidance and some real proven techniques on how to take their voice to the next level.

Image by Forja2 Mx

So… Why can’t that be you?


Come on… Admit it.

This isn’t the first time your curiosity has got the better of you, is it?


In the next few moments, I’m going to show you how you can take the first steps into your career as a singer (or take your voice to the next level if you already are), as well as how you can get access to some industry secret techniques the stars use to improve their singing voices.

But first, I want to introduce you to Liz Herald

Liz is a singer/songwriter that is living her dreams and performing across the country doing what she loves.


Like any talented artist, she needed help and instruction to refine her talent into what it is today so that she could follow her dreams and go to Nashville, connect with a major

producer, and record her album

She worked extremely hard on her vocal technique and took what she says 'felt like a full time hobby' and turned it into a real opportunity. Within less than a year Liz was invited to work with one of Dolly Parton's producers, Kent Wells at his studio in Nashville, and now she is paid well thru album sells and downloads from her album "Out of the Dark"

But things were not always so great…


Liz had always wanted to sing for a living for as long as she could remember. The problem she had was she felt like she was simply not quite good enough to be able to make a career out of it.


On top of that, she had no classical training or help to give her the boost she needed.


  • Her problem wasn’t that she didn’t care enough about singing…

  • Her problem wasn’t if she was talented enough…

  • Her problem was that she didn’t have any simple and accessible training, created by successful working vocalists, to help her step her game up.

After almost giving up on her dreams, Liz stumbled across our musical training platform for singing, "Building the Voice" 

She checked out the reviews online and quickly connected with me at our music studio (that was located in Virginia Beach at the time). Once she and I spoke on her goals, Liz made the decision to invest in her talent, and her dream of singing, and she signed up for our 'Building the Voice' course.


Within a short time we could see all the fear and anxiety that once plagued Liz, slowly diminish. She was confident, proud of herself, and her vibe felt electric. It was like she finally got her swagger back!

Girl & Guitar
Image by Katy Anne

Liz took the 'Building the Voice' course seriously and she did the homework everyday, and practiced the techniques taught in each lesson. She didn't just buy a course and waste her money, she was disciplined and because of her hard work, the quality of her singing voice improved dramatically. Working on her goal everyday with a real action plan in mind, gave Liz the confidence to go out and pursue a career as a full-time singer/songwriter. 

After about 7 months of hardcore focus, she took the leap of faith and went to Nashville. Where she worked alongside some heavyweight songwriters, and music arrangers at the Grammy Award Winning Kent Wells Studio in Nashville, Tennessee.

Image by Drew Hays
When the Universe see's YOU working hard..good things start flowing to you.
Its the law of attraction!

Support Liz Herald Purchase her latest album release "Out of the Dark" 

So lets recap... Liz wanted to sing professionally but wasn't sure where to go and didn't have a whole lot of money to hire a personal Vocal Coach. So she did some research and came across our
'Building the Voice' course & signed up right away. In less than a 7 months, Liz went from fear, uncertainty, and heavy anxiety; to recording her first album "Out of the Dark" in Nashville with a Grammy Award Winning Music Producer.  All because she focused on one specific target and worked at improving her voice daily with the 'Building the Voice' course.
I couldn't be more proud of her!
BUT using the 'Building the Voice' course doesn’t just have to work for Liz...

Tiffany L.

I wish I could give 6 stars! I look forward to a hopeful & long lasting relationship with Music Theory Studios. Since day one, they have went the extra mile to help in every way possible. I truly admire their passion for working with children & the community. Jazz = A TRUE MENTOR!!!!!!

thumbtack prof.png

Sapphire Darkstar

Amazing studio to work with. Very generous and great people to talk to. Great listeners and well worth every minute. I feel after my first experience with this studio, I could potentially come to learn my greatest aspirations and exceed my limits. I enjoyed my first experience in a studio with MTS and will definitely become a regular with more projects to come in the future. Thank you for the time and I wish you luck on your move forward :)


Simone R.

This studio is amazing!!! This is my go to place whenever Im in VA for all my voice over projects, as well as my music recording sessions. They treat you like family, their very professional, and they do very quality production. I appreciate the finished product that Ive received from Music Theory & I'll definitely be back!!


LaMarr Parish Johnson Wells

MTS provides great sound quality in a professional and friendly atmosphere where the engineers know what they're doing and are legends in the VA music scene. It's money well spent when you record there. DaDaDot!


Now let me introduce you to Simone Reynolds

Simone is a working Actress & Voice Over Talent who has chased her dreams all the way to Los Angeles, California where she landed her 1st Netflix voice over job.  


When Simone, came to me she was actually referred by a friend that worked for Interscope Records. He asked me to guide her in the right direction and provide her the tools needed to accomplish her goals. At the time Simone, was pretty successful, she starred in an indie movie, did a few commercials, and was a working Recording Artist. She wanted to take her career to the next level, but she wasn't sure which path was best for her, because so many people had taken advantage of her talent and her time before.   

As an artist myself, I completely understood where she was coming from but I assured her that once we sat down and mapped out her goals everything that wasn't for her good would fall off the list. What makes Simone so special to me is the relationship she and I built off of wanting to better our lives and achieve our goals.

But Money was a huge issue...

 At the time Simone had just graduated college, and like many graduates money was always on her mind. She knew she needed to figure out how she was going to be a working Actress / Voice Over Talent. For as long as she could remember she wanted to be the voice of a animation character. The dilemma she faced was getting the courage to really move to the right city that would faster her dreams. 


On top of that, she had no professional voice training, which is needed tremendously if she was serious about moving to the next level as a Voice Over Actor

  • Her problem wasn’t that she didn’t care enough about Acting…​

  • Her problem wasn’t that she didn't have the talent, I mean she attended the prestigious Governors School of Arts in Virginia. 

The problem was a lack of access to simple yet effective training at a price she could afford!
You see, Simone wanted more than just to improve her singing voice, she also wanted to learn techniques on breath control, inflection, and simple exercises that would prepare her speaking voice for an audition. 
Being able to improve your singing voice is great, but what else do you get when you sign up for our 'Building the Voice' course:
  • Breathing Techniques including, -Trilling – For Breath Work

  • How to properly use Your Diaphragm, Inhalation/Exhalation

  • Basic Major Scale Daily Warm Up

  • Scales: Penta scales & Arpeggios may be introduced if breathing allows.

  • Vowels

  • Pitch Retention

  • and of course Secrets to Singing Better

the Voice is a muscle its YOUR job to exercise that muscle everyday

So I encouraged Simone to take the "Building the Voice" course so she could see that it would not only help her singing voice but also teach her how to control her voice as well. She took my advice and made the decision to better her skill set, and after only a few weeks Simone started noticing her progression in pitch control. She was super determined and worked extremely hard, taking complete advantage of the course by returning to certain lessons daily as a vocal warm up for auditions. 

Not only did she do the work, she studied other successful Voice Over Actors as well and learned new tricks of the trade. By taking that tiny step to invest in herself, she started seeing real results and noticed new opportunities flying in her direction. Because of her focus and discipline Simone walked into auditions with confidence and true belief in her skillset. She soon landed a role in a movie that was presented at the'SunDance Film Festival' as well as her very first voice over job for a tv show on NETFLIX. 


 Fast forward to 2020 and Simone is currently living and thriving in heart of Los Angeles, in sunny California.

She is living out her dreams and still actively uses her 'Building the Voice' course before auditions. She tells me its her secret weapon. 

Focus On the Work... NOT just the Outcome!

To Learn More About Simone go to her website

Band Practice
Choir Class
So How Hard Are You Willing to Work? 

Thats a legit question, you need to ask yourself!

So many people say that they want a desired outcome but when they see the work, the effort, and the discipline needed from themselves to realize those dreams, they suddenly begin to fall back. No call no-shows, missed appointments, and excuses, excuses, excuses.

You have to start being honest with yourself, these major celebrities have vocal coaches, acting coaches, and more. They know & respect the work and effort they have to take to be the best. They practice and practice, and try new  techniques to improve their craft. If you are serious about singing then this course is just one aspect of your vocal training regimen. 
Most people fail because their SCARED ... NOT  because they aren't Talented!

People are scared of the unknown, and often times they self sabotage their own career without even knowing it. For some people its the fear of success, for others its hurt feelings and emotional baggage. Often, people cant handle the pressure of not knowing the outcome, so they pick a fight with the only person who has helped them or they give up and walk away looking to point the blame at someone other than themselves. 

The truth...many of us don't event recognize that we can in fact be our own worst enemy.

"If I fail, if I succeed, at least I did what I Believe ~ Whitney Houston 
the 1st Step TOWARDS SUCCESS is BELIEVING in Yourself & Your Talent

See the cool thing about the Universe is once YOU make a decision to invest in yourself, magical things start to happen! A made up mind that is focused on a positive desired outcome, followed by hard work & discipline. Will without doubt jump start a flow of new opportunities that will be sent your way...its the law of attraction!


Doors that felt like they were once nailed shut begin to open with ease. People start reaching out to you, its as if the Universe was given a memo and suddenly your desired outcome is all that matters. Its a beautiful thing to watch!


Unfortunately many people never witness this 'magic' because they never fully immerse themselves in their craft. They never invest in their dreams, and they never fully anything. They spend their money on clothes, movies, bar hoping, eating out, and they never focus on real tangible results that they can achieve if they would just invest in themselves.

When the Universe see's you working hard & investing in yourself or your craft, gifts & opportunities start to magically show up!

Image by Hannah Gibbs
Image by Joel Muniz
Image by Nick Karvounis
Female Performer

So How Serious Are YOU About Perfecting

YOUR Vocal


If  YOU answered RIGHT AWAY then its Time We Talk Dollars & Cents

The program I am offering you took over a year to develop because I wanted to offer a real learning experience. I sat with several seasoned Vocal Coaches, Studio Recording Artists, Choir Directors, Music Professors, Voice Over Actors, and countless Singer / Songwriters just so I could create the BEST course with real practical application that filtered out all the fluff and eliminated the high price to learn the proper way to train your voice. 

Rather than pricing this course at an astronomical rate, I took time to study the industry standard price point and went below that cost by more than half. I am sharing with you a 6 Week Vocal Training Course that has real value and provides real life techniques that you can use anywhere, any time, on any device.  


Now normally this course is available for $97 per year on our website…

But when You Sign Up Right Now you can get Lifetime Access for just $47

Image by Andy Lee
Image by Elizeu Dias
Image by Curtis Potvin
Image by Vidar Nordli-Mathisen
Image by Austin Neill
Female Singer and Bass Guitar
Children Singing in a Choir
Image by Axi Aimee

Lets Review -

When You Register for 'Building the Voice' online

Vocal Training Course You Get Access to: 

  • Breathing Techniques

    • Trilling – For Breath Work

    • Breathing / Using Your Diaphragm

    • Inhalation/Exhalation 

    • Arpeggios may be introduced if breathing allows.

  • Basic Major Scale 

    • Daily Warm Up

    • Pentascales

  • Pitch Retention

  • Singing Vowels

  • Posture Insight

  • Secrets Tips on Speaking, Singing, & Breathing Better

LEARN DAILY & FOCUS ON: Proper Vocal Instruction to Improve Your Voice! 

This InterActive Vocal Course is Perfect for:

  • Singers who want to Improve their Singing Voice

  • Voice Over Actors who need to Improve Breathing & Inflection

  • Choir / Chorus Directors who want members to Practice the Proper Techniques

  • Parents who See potential in their Child but aren't ready to Spend a Ton of Money

  • Anyone Serious About Improving their Voice

The time to begin is must focus on doing the work. 
That is the only way to get your desired outcome! 

Begin to Build Your Voice with Each Lesson!

LEARN DAILY & FOCUS ON: Proper Vocal Instruction to Improve Your Voice! 




Register Today to Dramatically Improve Your Voice