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Welcome to ORBITS & CLICKS a division of Music Theory Studios located in Downtown Norfolk, VA. 

We have Specialized in Professional Audio Recording, Mixing, & Mastering, Music Production Courses / Workshops, and DJ Classes for Over a Decade. Our Cutting Edge DJs / Audio Engineers, Classic Studio Gear with the Latest Software, and Top Notch Support Staff; Guarantee a Great Experience whether in our E-Commerce Store or at our Brick and Mortar!

We Bridge the Gap Between High-Dollar Sound & Affordable Rates by Staying Competitive.

ORBITS & CLICKS wasn't an idea for some get-rich-quick money scheme it was designed for the Artist by the Artist. It’s An Owner Operated, Hands-On Experience as both husband and wife have come together to share their knowledge and love for Music & Equipment in all capacities. After years of requests by our students and the parents of our students, on what equipment to buy and what provides the best return on investment we knew we had to create a store that would be a safe place that our clientele could trust and believe in...thus ORBITS & CLICKS was born.

Be Sure to Stay Connected as our relaunch for ORBITS & CLICKS is only a few days away! 

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