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Beat Synthesizer


YOUTH -Beat Making 101
Hands-On Experiences Created For Tweens & Teens
TWEEN & TEEN - $40 for 60 Minute Class

Produce Your Own Beats

Learn the Art of Beat Making in a real working studio from seasoned Music Producers!

Our 16 -week program teaches you the entire process and pushes students to explore professional music production while using the most important tools of the industry, like FL Studio, Ableton Live & Native Instruments Maschine. 


  • Music History

  • Vocabulary

  • Intro to Equipment / Software

  • Drum Patterns & Sequences

  • Sound Library

  • Modify Sounds

  • Counting / Beats Per Minute

  • Mixing / Layering 

  • Beat Styles & Samples 

Music Production with FL Studio, Ableton or Maschine:

Get clear on the direction you want to go when its time to take the beat you hear in your head to creating the actual version. We designed a curriculum that consists of intense lesson plans to provide guaranteed results.


  • Song Structure

  • Recreating Sounds

  • Drum Sounds / Patterns

  • Building a Beat 

Topics covered include:

  • Recording & Audio Sampling

  • Advanced Synth building

  • Drum Programming

  • Improvisation

  • Introduction to Basic Mixing.


Students meet once a week on the same day and time each week. Class sizes are small and contribute to a collaborative setting allowing peer to peer connection.


If you already have some experience, we are happy to evaluate you and recommend the correct Level for entry into the program. All students completing the program will graduate with certification and a plaque at graduation.

Quick Facts


What We Provide:

  • Access to ALL music equipment (all students need are a pair of headphones)

  • The opportunity to participate on community & company events when requested

  • Private producer, celebrity meet & greets, Indie & major music artists & producers

  • Professional industry standard software

  • Mentoring from the instructors and administrative staff

  • Curriculum based instruction with hands on teaching 

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