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Kickstart Your Career As a Singer, Voice Over Actor, Choir Director or Music Artist


About the Mentor


Hi, I’m Jazzarae. I am the Founder & CEO of Music Theory Studios - MTSAcademy, MTS Turntable Institute & Sew Inspired Fashion Academy located in Norfolk, Virginia. I teach hungry music artists, musicians, business owners, educators, tech developers, fashion designers and entrepreneurs the necessary steps for building a clear action plan for their desired goal. Through a blended learning curriculum, I help curate and facilitate amazing courses to assist talented individuals in making your dreams a reality. 

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About the Class


The online program I am offering you took over a year to develop because I wanted to offer a real learning experience. I sat with several seasoned vocal coaches, studio recording artists, choir directors, music professors, voice over actors, and countless singers/songwriters just so I could create the BEST course with real, practical applications without all the fluff. Most importantly, I eliminated the high price so you could learn the proper way to train your voice affordably.

What You'll Learn: ​

  • Breathing techniques

    • ​Trilling – for breath work

    • Breathing/using your diaphragm

    • Inhalation/exhalation 

    • Arpeggios may be introduced if breathing allows.

  • Basic major scale 

    • Daily warm up

    • Pentascales

  • Pitch retention

  • Singing vowels

  • Posture insight

  • Secrets tips on speaking, singing, & breathing better

What's the Cost?

Rather than pricing this course at an astronomical rate, I took time to study the industry standard price point and went below that cost by more than half. I am sharing with you a 6 Week Vocal Training Course that has real value and provides real life techniques that you can use anywhere, any time, on any device.  


Now normally this course is available for $97 per year on our website… But when you sign up right now, you can get lifetime access for just $47

Success Stories

Liz Herald

Now Performing, Traveling & Living Her Dreams in Nashville


Liz wanted to sing professionally, but wasn't sure where to go and didn't have a whole lot of money to hire a personal Vocal Coach. So, she did some research and came across our "Building the Voice" course & signed up right away. In less than a 7 months, Liz went from fear, uncertainty, and heavy anxiety to recording her first album "Out of the Dark" in Nashville with one of Dolly Parton's producers, Kent Wells. All because she focused on one specific target and worked at improving her voice daily with the 'Building the Voice' course.

Simone Reynolds

Currently in LA working As a Voice Over Artist for Netflix


After a few weeks of taking the "Building the Voice" course, Simone started noticing her progression in pitch control. She was super determined and worked extremely hard, taking complete advantage of the course by returning to certain lessons daily as a vocal warm up for auditions. Not only did she do the work, she studied other successful Voice Over Actors as well and learned new tricks of the trade. By taking that tiny step to invest in herself, she started seeing real results and noticed new opportunities flying in her direction.


Because of her focus and discipline, Simone walked into auditions with confidence and true belief in her skillset. She soon landed a role in a movie that was presented at the 'SunDance Film Festival' as well as her very first voice over job for a tv show on Netflix.

The time to begin is NOW...

Register for our course today to kickstart your dream career. 

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