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Get Industry Secrets & Tools of the Trade to Become a Producer & Audio Engineer


About the Mentor

DJ Karee is Aided by Over 3 Decades of DJ Experience


What Up, I’m DJ Karee. I am the Founder & Chief Audio Engineer / Producer of Music Theory Studios - MTSAcademy, & MTS Turntable Institute located in Norfolk, Virginia. I help talented music artists, musicians, and producers create music of all kinds. I've had the pleasure of working with some Grammy Award Winning Artists & Multi-Platinum Producers, & I want to share my expertise with other hungry musicians who may not have the knowledge or the money to record in a professional studio.


Our Chief Executive Officer, Jazzarae, has a true skill for creating courses with intense curriculums that are packed with a wealth of real world information. Her obsession with research and connecting with superior talent takes all our courses to the next level because she focuses on the teaching component. I mean, it took almost 2 years to create this 8 Week Audio Engineer Course. Our hopes are to make your dreams a reality while teaching you the proper techniques on how to audio record.

Learn More About DJ Karee

About the Class


The online program I am offering you took 2 years to develop because I wanted to offer a real learning experience. The research, the techniques, the vocabulary, and history all comes from seasoned Audio Engineers who were awesome enough to share their skills. It is very important to value all those who have reached the highest levels of their industry. What makes this course the BEST is the practical application that is taught and my focus on eliminating unnecessary information. Time is of Essence!

This Class is Perfect For:

  • Musicians who want to take control of their recording process 

  • DJs who want to learn how to record their mixes

  • Producers that want to understand the basics, so they can control the direction of sound quality during sessions

  • Music artists that want to learn how to record their own songs 

  • Parents who see potential in their child but aren't ready to spend a ton of money

  • Newbies who have bought the equipment & software but don't know how to use it

  • Anyone serious about improving their audio engineering skills & learn proper techniques

Image by Obi Onyeador

What You'll Get Access to:

  • Setting up your 1st recording session

  • Microphone basics

  • Music history

  • Audio technology history

  • Entertainment business insider info

  • How to navigate P.R.O’s, copyrights, trademarks.

  • Sound dynamics

  • What is signal flow?

  • Learning the basics of Pro Tools

  • Edit modes, edit tools, PT Windows

  • Basic editing techniques

  • Mixing in Pro Tools made easy

  • Setting up a MIX Session

  • Organizing tracks

  • Use of pans, faders, and plugins

  • Proper recording levels through the use of gain staging

What's the Cost?

Rather than pricing this course at an astronomical rate, I took time to study the industry and went below that cost by more than half. I am sharing with you an 8 Week Audio Engineering Course, with emphasis on ProTools. You will learn real life techniques that you can use anywhere, any time, on any device.


Now, this course is normally available for $400 per year on our website… But when You Sign Up Right Now you can get Lifetime Access for just $97

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