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PRODUCE MUSIC - Beat Making 102 

INTERMEDIATE Producers Class - $80 BiWeekly or $160 Monthly

No Longer a Beginner but Still Not at an Expert

Beat Making 102 is called the Proficient Producer Class because the students who are in this class are no longer at the beginner level but not quite knowledgeable enough to be in our Intermediate course.


Learn the Art of Beat Making in a real working studio from seasoned Music Producers!

Our 16 -week program teaches you the entire process and pushes students to explore professional music production while using the most important tools of the industry, like Ableton Live & Native Instruments Maschine. 


  • Beat Terminology 

  • Learn In Depth Techniques on Sampling

  • Refresher with Hardware / Software

  • Drum Patterns & Sequences

  • Build Your Own Sound Library

  • Modify Sounds

  • Mixing / Layering 

  • Beat Styles & Samples 

Music Production with Ableton or Maschine:

Get clear on the direction you want to go when its time to take the beat you hear in your head to creating the actual version.


Make Beats Weekly

Several Class Projects

How to Pair with Video

Recreating Sounds

Drum Sounds / Patterns

This course is a deep dive into each eliminate of both the Hardware and Software. Topics covered include recording and audio sampling, advanced synth building, drum programming, improvisation, and an introduction to basic mixing. Students apply new concepts on beat length, the breakdown, and more.

We designed a curriculum that consists of intense lesson plans to provide guaranteed results.


Students meet once a week on the same day and time each week with an average completion time of 1 year. Class sizes are small and contribute to a collaborative setting allowing peer to peer connection.


If you already have some experience, we are happy to evaluate you and recommend the correct Level for entry into the program. All students completing the program will graduate with certification and a plaque at graduation.

Beat Making 102  includes 20+ hours* of curriculum and lab hours. Our job is to teach you how to become a technically efficient, crowd-ready, working DJ by the end of your course. 


We do this by creating mile-markers that provide Progress Reports, Tests, Live Gigs, and heavy mentorship from instructors, special Guest DJs, and collaboration with your classmates. Our job is to make sure you have grasped and mastered all concepts.

All Student Graduates receive a plaque of certification 

Class Meets 1X A WEEK + For 16 Weeks

Class is the Same Day & Time each week which makes for easy scheduling!

Plus 4 Free Lab Classes Each Month

We Also Offer Private Lessons 


  • Learn How to Make Beats

    Started Mar 7

    195 US dollars
  • Learn How to Make Beats

    Started Mar 7

    195 US dollars
  • Learn How to Make Beats

    Started Mar 7

    195 US dollars
  • Learn How to Make Beats

    Started Mar 2

    195 US dollars
  • Learn How to Make Beats

    Started Mar 2

    195 US dollars
  • Learn How to Make Beats

    Started Mar 2

    195 US dollars


Hands on Approach

Students lead the way allowing them a complete hands-on approach to ensure growth and understanding. We’ve been providing impactful learning for students through cutting edge project-based learning for over a decade.

We Provide Equipment

Our Top of the Line Gear & Software allow Students to learn and use the same equipment that industry professionals use daily. Others may offer similar courses only MTS teaches students to develop like the pros.

Learn from the Best

Our instructors include highly respected DJs, indie & major producers, accomplished artists, and industry professionals who have a passion for sharing their knowledge.The MTS Team is a group of industry professionals and passionate educators, that aim to always provide the highest level of teaching to our students.