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What Up, I’m DJ Karee

I am the Founder & Chief Audio Engineer / Producer of Music Theory Studios - MTSAcademy, located in Norfolk, Virginia. I help talented music artists, musicians, and producers create music of all kinds. I've had the pleasure of working with some Grammy Award Winning Artists & Multi-Platinum Producers, & I want to share my expertise with other hungry musicians who may not have the knowledge or the money to record in a professional studio. Our Chief Executive Officer, Jazzarae has a true skill for creating courses with intense curriculums that are packed with a wealth of real world information. Her obsession with research and connecting with superior talent, takes all our courses to the next level because she focuses on the teaching component. I mean it took almost 2 years to create this 8 Week Audio Engineer Course. Our hopes are to make your dreams a reality while teaching you the proper techniques on how to audio record.

Rappers, Producers, Singers, Musicians, & Music Artists

 turn your hobby into a career in less than 90 days…

Take Control of YOUR Music Career…

Learn How to Record 

In the Convenience of Your Own Home

Get Industry Secrets & Tools of the Trade to 

Kickstart Your Career as a Producer & Audio Engineer!

Before I tell you how you can refine your talent, get to grips with pro tools and learn some of the secrets that industry leading producers use everyday… I want to ask you…

Turn Your Home DAW into a Professional Studio 

Image by Brandon Hoogenboom

1. Are you a Beat Maker, Producer, DJ, or Musician that wants to add to their skillset by learning how to record on the industry standard Pro Tools Software?


2. Do You currently Record Artists in Your home but have No Real Training in Sound, Flow, & Technique?


3. Are You a Music Artist or Band Member who is tired of paying money to record your songs, only to feel you weren't given the best Sound Quality? 


YOU know that EVERY successful Audio Engineer started with raw talent & a love for music, right

Woman in a Studio
Image by Roberto Nickson

Its OK if You need some Guidance & Instruction on

How To Take YOUR Skills To the Next Level

Thats the ONLY way to to Learn!

Work with Talented Musicians Week in Week Out

I’m going to show you how you can take the first steps towards your career as a audio engineer, as well as how you can get access to some industry tools and secret techniques the pro’s use.

Music Studio

Many people don't know it but...

90% of the Top Audio Engineers started as DJs, Producers, Beat Makers, & Musicians. They didn't plan on becoming a professional Audio just kinda happened. You see, when your able to record an artist, you are able to control the sound. Audio Engineers are the secret sauce in every song. They are a necessity in the music industry and will never be wiped out by technology.

In fact they will only become a more powerful resource to Musicians, & Music Artists.

YOU can learn How to Record like the pros...but YOU gotta start Now!

Listen its not going to be EASY


Your going to have to get up, put in some focused effort and do the work. The only thing that will separate you from the other guy is your discipline and hard work. You have to take your career seriously. If you currently work a 9 - 5 thats cool. But when you get home don't sit in front of TV and zone out. Invest in yourself and work towards financial freedom. 


Stop going to YouTube and spending hours filtering through videos hoping you will get the industry techniques on how to record properly cause you wont.


  • You Have to Spend at least 3 - 4 Hours per day on perfecting your craft

  • You will not just suddenly know how to need to respect the industry; learn the language, the best equipment, key techniques, and the history on Sound Engineering

  • You must push yourself to explore new concepts and learn the Art & Science of Audio Engineering

After Years of ONLY Offering In-Person Audio Engineer Classes...
We Have Decided to Share the Wealth Online. 

This Audio Engineering Course was created & designed for the ambitious soon-to-be seasoned Audio Engineer.

Within a short time all the fear and anxiety that once plagued YOU, will slowly diminish. Because doing the work, putting in solid effort changes you. It makes you confident, secure in your ability and automatically awakens the Universe to send new opportunities your way.

Image by Obi Onyeador
Its the law of attraction!
When the Universe see's YOU working hard, good things start flowing to you.
Microphone Sound Editing
Music Studio
So How Hard Are You Willing to Work? 

Thats a legit question, you need to ask yourself!

So many people say that they want a desired outcome but when they see the work, the effort, and the discipline needed from themselves to realize those dreams, they suddenly begin to fall back.

No-call No-shows, missed appointments, and excuses, excuses, excuses.

You need to start being honest with yourself, these major celebrities want to work with skilled, and trained (whether schooled or mentored) Audio Engineers. Even your local artists want a Audio Engineer that knows what they are doing, how to convey what they need from the artist, and that understands how to work their equipment. The difference between a Major Producer / Engineer and yourself is probably the amount of hours they have spent beating up their craft in comparison to you. You have to respect the work and effort of a disciplined Audio Engineer. They practice their techniques daily and are serious about investing in their craft, and their knowledge. 
BUT many people are too lazy to get moving ...
they don't succeed because they don't invest in themselves.

Laziness is a form of self sabotage, and it makes you bitter, and hateful towards anyone who has gotten off the couch, invested in themselves, and truly taken the bull by the horns. I mean you get one life.

You cant be on the TV if your constantly watching TV...time is of the essence.


But maybe your not lazy maybe your issue is fear! You want success but when given the opportunity to chase your dream you freeze up, or spend the extra money you saved on eating out, or at the club, or on clothes.

Some of you fear success, you are walking around still hurt by who left you and who is no longer apart of your team, and your scared to move forward with out them.


Listen hear, thats all emotional baggage, let that doubt, that hurt, that fear...let all of that go. Speak to yourself and speak to your dream as if it were a person standing before you. Remove the pressure of perfection and just begin. Maybe beginning is reading these words, getting motivated, or literally putting your money where your mouth is and purchasing this course. 

The truth is...many of us don't even recognize that we are in fact our own worst enemy. 

"those who are successful overcome their fears & take action" JAY-Z
the 1st Step TOWARDS SUCCESS is BELIEVING in Yourself & Your Talent

See the cool thing about the Universe is once YOU make a decision to invest in yourself, magical things start to happen! A made up mind that is focused on a positive desired outcome, followed by hard work & discipline. Will without doubt jump start a flow of new opportunities that will be sent your way...its the law of attraction!


Doors that felt like they were once nailed shut begin to open with ease. People start reaching out to you, its as if the Universe was given a memo and suddenly your desired outcome is all that matters. Its a beautiful thing to watch!


Unfortunately many people never witness this 'magic' because they never fully immerse themselves in their craft. They never invest in their dreams, and they never fully anything. They spend their money on clothes, movies, bar hoping, eating out, and they never focus on real tangible results that they can achieve if they would just invest in themselves.

When the Universe see's you working hard & investing in yourself or your craft, gifts & opportunities start to magically show up!

Image by Joel Muniz
Students in Music Room
Stu MTS 2.png
Sound Board
Are YOU Ready to Access a Audio Engineering Course You Can Afford?

Tiffany L.

I wish I could give 6 stars! I look forward to a hopeful & long lasting relationship with Music Theory Studios. Since day one, they have went the extra mile to help in every way possible. I truly admire their passion for working with children & the community. Jazz = A TRUE MENTOR!!!!!!

thumbtack prof.png

Sapphire Darkstar

Amazing studio to work with. Very generous and great people to talk to. Great listeners and well worth every minute. I feel after my first experience with this studio, I could potentially come to learn my greatest aspirations and exceed my limits. I enjoyed my first experience in a studio with MTS and will definitely become a regular with more projects to come in the future. Thank you for the time and I wish you luck on your move forward :)


Simone R.

This studio is amazing!!! This is my go to place whenever Im in VA for all my voice over projects, as well as my music recording sessions. They treat you like family, their very professional, and they do very quality production. I appreciate the finished product that Ive received from Music Theory & I'll definitely be back!!


LaMarr Parish Johnson Wells

MTS provides great sound quality in a professional and friendly atmosphere where the engineers know what they're doing and are legends in the VA music scene. It's money well spent when you record there. DaDaDot!

If  YOU answered RIGHT AWAY then its Time We Talk Dollars & Cents

The program I am offering you took 2 years to develop because I wanted to offer a real learning experience. The research, the techniques, the vocabulary, and history all comes from seasoned Audio Engineers who were awesome enough to share their skills. It is very important to value all those who have reached the highest levels of their industry.What makes this course the BEST is the practical application that is taught and my focus on eliminating unnecessary information. Time is of Essence! 

Rather than pricing this course at an astronomical rate, I took time to study the industry and went below that cost by more than half. I am sharing with you a 8 Week Audio Engineering Course, with emphasis on ProTools. You will learn real life techniques that you can use anywhere, any time, on any device.  

So What Do I Get when I Sign Up?

When You Register for the 'Audio Engineering' Online Course' You Get Instant Access To: 

  • Setting Up Your 1st Recording Session

  • Microphone Basics

  • Music History

  • Audio Technology History

  • Entertainment Business insider info.

  • How to navigate P.R.O’s, Copyrights, Trademarks.

  • Sound Dynamics

  • What is Signal Flow?

  • Learning the basics of Pro Tools

  • Edit Modes, Edit Tools, PT Windows

  • Basic Editing Techniques

  • Mixing in Pro Tools Made Easy

Instant Access 
  • Setting up a MIX Session

  • Organizing Tracks

  • Use of Pans, Faders, and Plugins

  • Recording in Pro Tools

  • Setting up a Microphone

  • Proper recording levels through the use of gain staging

When YOU  Act Now, You Also Get Access to...
Woman Working at Mixing Console

This InterActive Audio Engineering Course is Perfect for:

  • Musicians who want to take control of their Recording Process 

  • DJs who want to learn how to Record their Mixes

  • Producers that want to understand the basics so they can control the direction of sound quality during sessions

  • Music Artists that want to learn how to record their own songs 

  • Parents who See potential in their Child but aren't ready to Spend a Ton of Money

  • Newbies who have bought the equipment & software but don't know how to use it

  • Anyone Serious About Improving their Audio Engineering Skills & learn Proper Techniques

Now this course is normally available for $400 per year on our website…

But when YOU Sign Up Right Now YOU get Lifetime Access for just $97!


I know some of you spend more money than that on night out with your friends.

INVEST in Yourself...You Will Not Be Disappointed!

Every minute you wait to get "Audio Engineering 101" is another minute someone else is making the most of this limited-time offer and moving a step closer to achieving their dreams.


  • Imagine being able to turn the hobby you love into a successful career, and make MONEY!!


  • Imagine having in depth lessons from experienced and successful Audio Engineers…


  • And imagine being able to do it all from the comfort of your own home…

Start Recording TONIGHT!

LEARN DAILY & FOCUS ON: Proper Audio Engineering Techniques to Improve Your Voice! 




Register Today to Dramatically Improve Your Audio Recording Skills

Click the Button Below Now!


Get Everything for only $97 - over 75% OFF!! 


Your able to take the course Anytime, Anywhere, on Any Device. 


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