Do You Want To Sing?

 You can learn how to sing regardless of your age. With only a few lessons using the proper techniques, you will discover that you CAN sing. It’s actually sad to think about how many people out there have the potential to become great singers, but become discouraged when told singing is something that cannot be learned. With the proper vocal instructions you too can learn to sing!
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Beginner Students| Vocal 101:
Building The Voice

Inspired by the masters, students will learn and explore concepts of Proper Singing Techniques.  Students will explore bright and subtle techniques, plus special breathing techniques.  Students will also learn how to make different kinds of sounds by using their entire mouth, lips, and tongue.

Intermediate Students | Vocal 102:
Proper Singing Techniques

Students will explore the creative process of putting notes and sounds together.  By keying in on sound properties and using the voice to discover new methods of voice manipulation, students will search different warm-up exercises and learn the traditional voice instruction used around the world.

Advanced Students | Vocal 103:
Respecting Vocal and Performing Techniques

Students will create original works of song by pulling inspiration from the world and from everyday life.  Students will be encouraged to use their foundations from previous instruction to expand their skill set while developing a rounded body of recorded material.  Students will review skills and learn how to put together all the instruction they have received.  They will also receive particular help towards live performances and audio recording.

Singing Workshop | WKSHP 101:
Build You Own Repertoire/Portfolio 

This class is designed for students thinking about applying to music schools/colleges, and for students with a passion for creating songs or singing cover songs.  Students will be encouraged to use their foundations to expand their skill set to develop a rounded body of work by recording their unique sound.  Students will review skills and learn how to put together a musical demo/portfolio.

Singing Workshop: WKSHP 102:
Recording & Live Performances (Prerequisite)

Students will gain experience in a variety of techniques to develop a creative approach to singing on stage and in a recording studio.  Various traditional and experimental methods will be explored through exercises, leading to finished songs.  Students may choose to work in either a song they have written or a cover song they love.  This class will build a strong foundation for future musical performances and recording sessions.


$28 Per 30 Min Lesson Held Once a Week
One Time Registration Fee: $25
The Vocal Class Places Every Student on a Month to Month Basis and does not require a semester minimum.

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