Do You Want to Play Piano?

Our Piano Classes at MTS Academy are geared toward these primary areas of study:
  • Reading Musical Notation
  • Developing Appropriate Piano Playing Technique
  • Physical Mechanics of Playing Piano
  • Learning about the Music Analysis (theory – the 'Grammar' of how the music is put together)

To better understand the rewards of learning Piano we divide your piano class time into four periods that can be arranged in any order:
    1. Old Music’ Time, students will revisit last week’s music assignment

    2. ‘New Music’ time, students learn the current weeks music assignment

    3. Theory Game Time, students learn new concepts and review previously learned concepts.

    4. Theory Worksheet Time, students get an in depth one on one with theory education.

Students Will Learn:

  • The Building Blocks of Basic Theory

  • Scales, Intervals, Melody Lines, Building Chords, Structures & Progressions

  • Students Learn How to Play 4 Basic Chords: Major, Minor, Augmented, & Diminished

  • Our Goal is to eliminate scheduling conflicts.
  • All lessons are held the same day and time weekly for your convenience.
  • We offer quality lessons year round and have a proven track record of success! Just ask our students by checking out our testimonial page.


$28 Per 30 Min Lesson Held Once a Week
One Time Registration Fee: $25
Piano Class Places Every Student on a Month to Month Basis and does not require a semester minimum.

Refer a friend and get one free music lesson. Lessons times are first come first serve. Call Today!

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