Do You Want to Be An Audio Engineer?

An audio engineer is concerned with the recording, manipulation, mixing and reproduction of sound. Many audio engineers creatively use technologies to produce sound for film, radio, television, music, electronic products and computer games.
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Learn the concepts and techniques of proper recording while you get familiar with the information and processes needed to start using Pro Tools. This introductory class contains audio engineering and production theory necessary for students to achieve the best sound for recording while learning:

  • Music History
  • Business and Music Terminology
  • Recording Studio Standards
  • Beginning Your Own Business
  • Recording process and terminology
  • Compression; EQ; Effects; Processing
  • Intro to Microphones and placement
  • Environmental consideration
  • Converter technology and its importance in the signal path
  • Fading and trimming audio for final delivery
  • Getting to Know Pro Tools
  • Pro Tools System Configurations
  • Recording & Managing Audio
  • Importing Media into Your Session
  • Selecting and Navigating in Pro Tools
  • Basic Editing Techniques
  • Basic Mixing Techniques

    8 Week Course | $625 | Includes Audio Engineer Student Resource Book

    AUDIO ENGINEERING 101: Intro To Pro Tools

    This course is all about Pro Tools! Learn the fundamentals of building sessions including multi-track recordings of live instruments, MIDI sequences, software synthesizers and samplers, and audio looping with REX or ACID files. Study the short cuts, and professional language that goes with this software. Maximize your potential in proper Pro Tools recording by taking a:

  • In depth look into Pro Tools
  • Create proper Pro Tools session
  • Get familiar with Loops and Plug-ins
  • Introduction to Mixing
  • Basic Editing Techniques
  • Importing media from various sources
  • Complete an audio and MIDI recording

    16 Week Course | $975 | Includes Audio Engineer Student Resource Book


    In 101 you learned how Pro Tools works, in this course you learn how to use it! This class is designed to teach the core concepts and technical skills needed to operate a Pro Tools system in a home or a professional studio environment. Gain hands on experience through a series of class exercise project files which include:

  • Configuring & Routing MIDI
  • Using the Pro Tools Workspace Browser
  • Batch Importing
  • Recording MIDI & Audio
  • Loop Recording
  • Using Virtual Instruments
  • Working in Relative Timescale
  • Editing MIDI & Audio
  • Region Grouping & Looping
  • MIDI Properties
  • Using AudioSuite Plug-Ins
  • Intro to beat detective
  • Using the Plug-In Window
  • Using Sends & Returns
  • Understanding & Working with Automation
  • Using Time Based RTAS Plug-Ins

    16 Week Course | $975 | Includes Audio Engineer Student Resource Book


    The vocals sound great, the drums are really kicking, but put it all together and what have you got? A mess! Sound familiar? Learn the correct ways to tackle a mix while processing a wide variety of recorded sounds into one or more channels. Learn about the mixing console and why it is the most important component in the sound mixing process. You will learn:

  • Techniques on equalizers, frequencies, and how monitors play a major role in a great audio mix.
  • Mixing Console
  • Compressors
  • Faders, Pan pots, Equalizers, Monitors (Speakers), Understanding Mono
  • How to mix hip-hop beats and instrumentals
  • Reference your mixes on a wide variety of playback systems

  • 32 Week Course | $1725 | Includes Audio Engineer Student Resource Book


    This beat class will save you time and definitely help shorten the learning curve. Get access to create music through technology by using MPC, Reason, Logic or Garageband in a studio environment with guidance from mentors. We provide an interactive and hands on experience demonstrating the basics of Beat Making. Starting with an overview of the equipment, we explain the process by focusing on the four steps of Beat production: Digging, sampling, sequencing and song arrangement. Participants will learn each step in depth and identify signal flows between the steps with the provided equipment. Leave the class with a disc full of own work!

    8 Week Course | $450
    16 Week Course | $800